Ape street food

Ape street food
Ape street food
Ape street food
Why choose Ape street food?

Its retro appeal makes this mobile shop particularly attractive to costumers. It is effective for an itinerant branding, and extremely appealing for international markets.

Street Food Business, as a young and innovative company true to its philosophy based on quality, eco-sustainability and innovation, chooses Ape Piaggio mobile street food as a guaranty on its working approach.

Thanks to the collaboration and the supply agreement between Street Food Business and Ape Piaggio Street Food, we can propose and provide dynamic, innovative and first choice solutions. First class materials and cutting-edge techniques make our ape street food into an exclusive choice for your business.

All street food mobile ape Piaggios have an avant-garde design and are built with mechanical precision components; they are versatile, manoeuvrable, lightweight and easy to drive, and can easily turn into shops, travelling bars, refreshment points.

Make your dream come true!

If that dream keeps inspiring you, this is the right time you make it come true.

With Street Food Business you can enter the street food sector, that seems increasingly taking hold, with a special focus on the rediscovery of local traditions and ancient flavours.

We chose to start the ape street food’s supply activity with the manufacturer itself, the worldwide known Piaggio S.p.A., which is a synonymous with quality, efficiency and innovation.

Letting the audience know more about your art and passions is an ambitious and exciting project, and making your dreams come true may change your life.

What are you waiting for? Contact Street Food Business and discover all street food mobile ape Piaggio with our expert advisors. According to your desires, expectations and products, they will suggest the model that suits you best.

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