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street food truck

Food truck category provides a wide range of four wheeled street food vehicles, calibrated to meet the specific needs of our customers. From small electric vehicles to medium and large vans, this category represents a winning solution for those who want to turn their cooking arts into a travelling restaurant ready to participate in events, fairs and festivals of any kind, starting a genuine and successful business on the road. Our team designs and produce the vehicle using high quality equipment and materials with a special focus on convenience. What are you waiting for? Select the food truck vehicle tailored for you.


Buying or renting a food truck represents the most popular choice to start a travelling restaurant. This is possible thanks to the many advantages offered by this solution: opportunities for profits are multiplied by the chances arising from direct selling, by cutting the unnecessary costs of a typical bar or restaurant, and, last but not least, the valuable opportunity to move your mobile shop at your will into very crowded areas.
Moreover, the choice of a special vehicle advertising your brand represents a business enhancing creative solution. Low investments, versatility and minimal risks.
The best choice possible for your street food business, today, is a Food Truck.

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