rimorchio street food business
rimorchio street food business
rimorchio street food business
rimorchio street food business
Why choose a caravan?

Firstly, Street food caravan means convenience and easy of use. The attention to details and accessories, not to forget a meticulous study of ergonomics and design, makes of these road giants into a unique mean of transport for your business on the road.

It is a real and totally customizable wheeled kitchen, suitable for those wishing to travel, even abroad, to see their products prospering and willing to advertise their brand by moving strategically from place to place.

The caravan used as a mobile shop represents the ideal solution for many difficulties experienced by whoever takes up a business, as such as renting or buying a property, and, at the same time, those problems due to its fixity. A Street food caravan allows to diversify the audience, to change the business area and to extent the scope in a sudden way.

Customize your vehicle!

Street food caravans set up as mobile shops have all the features of ordinary shops, yet with more business solutions. Our caravans offer the possibility to use more cooking methods, they have large storage spaces and can be used contemporaneously by several employees.

If “Versatility” and “extremely customizable” your business’ are the keywords, you may find our cost-effective solutions interesting.

The wide range of products and custom setups we provide make it possible to respond to the most diverse requirements. Thus, whether it is a mobile shop for festivals and fairs or wine and food events, marketplaces, fried food vendors, fish shops, ice cream parlours, creperie or pancake hoses, sandwich bars, pizzerias, yogurt shop or any other kind of street food, we offer a creative and trendy direct sales system at reduced investment costs that will multiply your profits and your marketing and business opportunities.

The strengthening of your brand through a “special vehicle” is at your fingertips: you dream it, we build it for you.

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