Today so many restaurateurs choose to buy food trucks and engage with cooking “on the road”, considered more profitable and affordable than the traditional one: less start-up costs, easier to travel, a higher number of potential customers, especially in the areas attended by the tourists.

The food trucks change depending on what the restaurateur needed for: from the classic and smaller “Ape Piaggio”- perfect for selling of drinks, sandwiches or other foodstuffs easy to prepare, to bigger food trucks or to those one vintage like the Citroen H-Van or Wolkswagen T1 and T2.

The costs for the food truck purchase change, of course, according to their features: for example, a small food truck can be a cost-effective solution but over time and with an increase in the activity, it may be necessary a bigger truck.

In addition, a lot of businessmen choose to customize the whole food trucks, making them easily recognizable:  colorful writings and images, tables and posters with the menu and the deals of the day, glowing screens etc.

Finding out a successful company image, making recognizable a brand able to get the audience attention, choosing the right product for a focused and high-quality food offer, it is essential for the business success.

Would you start a foodie business? Would you buy food trucks? Trust in Street Food Business to find out the vehicle most suitable for your needs and save money.

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