The documented success of the street-food, is still a source of inspiration for so many businessmen.

Since the increase of food-truck-vintage businessnowadays the market strongly imposes demands for solutions: manageable and eco-friendly, with a high aesthetic impact.

Escargò – a pedal-assisted tricycle, is an innovative and totally “green” prototype, suitable for all kinds of business initiatives: street-foodsustainable mobility, logistics.

Powered by batteries and equipped with photovoltaic panels, it is an eco-friendly vehicle, which has the access to the traffic-free urban areas, a real innovation for the eco-friendly food trucks industry.

The spaces are small, well-organized and up to code. Escargò is totally customizable with equipments and accessories specific to chosen use.

This particular food truck is a style and phylosofical choice, totally green and with the access to the traffic-free urban areas, as malls, commercial galleries etc… For its particular aesthetics that evokes the escargot, the snail, Escargò is a big attractor and a publicity vehicle for the brand guest.

In partnership with Inneco – a society focused on innovation and ecology, a modern ed eco-friendly re-imagining of most widely used vehicle in the world, the bicycle which becomes a comfortable and charming food truck.

Hence, another success for the Street-food-business, the society based in Campania (IT) which always keeps an eye out for new opportunities to offer to its customers and, like an assistant who helps the fastest runner of the team, opens the way to new eco-food-businessmen.

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