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About us

Street Food Business is a company specialized in special vehicles transformation and mobile shops and food trucks manufacturing. Mechanical engineers, architects and designers give to every vehicle a new commercial identity.


Architects and engineers will guide you in your food truck transformation: products and 3D rendering customized design, where you can see a preview of every technical, functional and aesthetic detail of our street food vehicles.


Innovation and research for functional and aesthetic solutions. New materials and customized creations for food trucks transformation, fashion trucks and equipment. A continuous attention to every new proposals in the sector of street food vehicles manufacturing, and more.  


By your side at every stage. Customer care is the main service. Direct and caring relationship in search of the solution for every problem, both during food truck completion stages and after sales services.
Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.
(Ernest Hemingway)

Street Franchising

Realize your own “Street Franchising", an original and successful idea for those who want to start their own business. Street Food Business deals with vehicle design and equipment, according to needs, "philosophy" and taste of the partner company. Comfortable, functional, perfectly in line with the parent company brand.

Imagine a sunset on the beach, a wedding flower arch, a nice festive vehicle full of tasty...

A tasty and high-quality street food brings back smell and taste of good food land: Sicily....

Different pairings for all tastes. The real innovation is the shape of the slice, bigger than an...

Prompt delivery

Many new, transformed and fully equipped street food vehicles. Or alternatively, there are good opportunities of certified pre-owned vehicles.


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News & Events

22 January 2018
The documented success of the street-food, is still a source of inspiration for so many businessmen. Since the increase of food-truck-vintage...
13 November 2017
Today so many restaurateurs choose to buy food trucks and engage with cooking “on the road”, considered more profitable and affordable than the...
03 November 2017
The world at the exhibition. A relaxed atmosphere accompained this Host edition. An hubbub made difficult to recognize the different languages....
07 April 2017
It’s easy to start a food truck business, a mobile shop about which you’ve got to know few rules. Many become interested in this sector with...